A horror board game about trust, tragedy and the unknown.

The Presence is a strategic horror-game, set in a place and time where candlelight was the only means to hold back the darkness and the things hiding within. Trust is at the core of the game, creating a feeling of overarching uncertainty and dread.

One player plays as the Presence, an entity with unknown intentions. It can be either good or evil, which means each game can be fully cooperative or one-versus-all. The others play as the Visitors, who will try to work together to uncover the dark history of the mansion while struggling with darkness, isolation and the constant haunting of the Presence.

A Game About Trust

Regardless of the intentions of the Presence, the trust of the Visitors is valuable to achieve its goals. 

A benevolent Presence is under pressure to earn the Visitors trust to play its more powerful actions. Time is ticking, and it is under constant pressure to aid them in any way possible. If time runs out it is forced to turn on them and try to win by other means.

A vengeful Presence can bide its time, sabotaging their efforts in hidden ways and use their trust to make the Visitors expose themselves. Then, when they are vulnerable, it will reveal its true nature.

The Spirit

As the spirit you will play very differently from the visitors, and not able to communicate with them. You may be either good or evil, decided by your script at the start of the game.You will try to reach out to convey, or to hide you precious secrets from them while you struggle to achieve your objective.



The Visitors

As a visitor you will play together with the other visitors. You are drawn to the mystery of the old manor and will attempt to uncover its secrets while being haunted by the spirit that dwells here. The spirit is powerful and its intentions and abilities unknown to you, so tread carefully.

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The House

The Presence takes place in Wrightwatch manor, a place full of memories and remnants from a long and tragic history. Once you enter you will have a hard time finding your way out, but perhaps all hope is not lost?


A Victorian Ghost Story

The Presence is created as homage to a time when horror first became personal and emotional. In Victorian horror the ghost is not a monster, but a character. She is a being with emotions and desires reflected in the terror she brings to others.

This story is one of understanding the darker elements of the human condition, the forbidden and uncomfortable. Prepare to delve into a story of horror and family tragedy, of dread and of hope.


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