Wrightwatch Manor

“‘.. some places are just lost to time. They no longer want to be found. What you are asking about is such a place.’ said the old woman. ‘I know you have heard the stories, but the truth is none of them truly know. We used to say to stay away from the cliffs of the Wrightwatch. Even if you survive that fall no one will hear your calls for aid.’ 

She rested her head in her hand, the evening-long conversation had sapped her strength. 

“‘You have been very kind tonight. If you persist, if you must know, I will tell it to you. I saw it only once. I was a young girl then, not heeding the advice of my elders. It was a beautiful starry night, and I was too far from the village for a young girl to wander alone. It stood there on the very edge of the cliffs. There was a light inside, and the iron gates were ajar as if welcoming me to enter.

 I was a curious girl back then, but I never dared to approach further than the gates. I wanted to touch them to see if they truly were there. As i felt cold iron under my hand the sad voice of a woman spoke to me; ‘Margarete’ it said, ‘that is a beautiful name. I have waited for someone like you. I wish you would know my name..’. 

On hearing this I turned and ran back into the dark woods. When I got back my dress was all torn by the brambles, and I never dared to tell the story to my mother.”

The Presence will take place in the old and mysterious Wrightwatch manor. Welcome to a place that can only be found when it wants to, where lonely spirits walk silent halls and where a long tragic history has been lost to time. Old places have a personality all of their own. They have seen many things, collected many memories. Sometimes these memories resurface, at odd intervals. If you happen to be there when this happens, don’t be alarmed, do not disturb them. Simply observe, then try to leave silently.

The rooms of Wrightwatch all have different stories to tell. In a place built on memories you will find signs of from the past all around. Be careful to not end up as one of them yourself.

 A place abandoned for decades should have seen some wear, but things shift here, including time. You cannot be certain how long you have been inside and where you just came from. When you feel the weariness there is always the Parlour to rest up.

Separating rooms in the house are large wooden doors. These carved and decorated doors are ancient, heavy, and will prevent movement and noise during play. As you move you will push them open, but also consider when it is safer to leave one closed.

Some doors are locked, meaning you need to find a key to make it past them. The Cellar door is one of them, containing hidden things discarded in the darkness down there. The spirit can hide things here as well, things it does not want you to see.

As a visitor you will carry a candle with an exposed flame as you wander the halls. This small flame is your greatest boon and allows you to more effectively find the clues that progress your win condition. If it goes out you become very exposed.

In the Dining Hall you will find an old fireplace, and with the proper item it can be lit. This can become a place of comfort, and a way to both light your smothered flame and force away anxieties and fears that have built up in your mind.

We are very excited to be able to show you the actual board. It took several months of work, and it has seen many revisions to aid the playing of the game and tune the colors to both set the tone we are aiming for and be useful at the table. We’re very happy with how it came out, and hope you will be equally excited to show this off at your table some day!

We hope you enjoyed the tour of Wrightwatch manor. These are merely the glimpses you get from a safe distance, and it may seem intriguing, mysterious and perhaps even serene.

Don’t underestimate it, it knows you better than you think you know it. The next time you meet you may have voluntarily brought it into your own home, and it looks forward to getting to know you up close..