The Unknowable

We humans have always been aware of the other side. The unknown. What dwells in the darkness. It exerts a powerful pull on us. Most of us try to turn away from its uncomfortable form, some of us try to put words and descriptions to it in an effort to make the unknown known. Even fewer embrace it, as they realize it will always be part of us.

The fear is the strongest when the threat is sensed to be close enough to be dangerous, but not tangible enough to fully understand. When you have to look over your shoulder just to make sure it is not there. This fear lives in us when we walk in a dark forest, but also among people. Perhaps the intentions of our fellow humans are the most unnerving of all, the mask people wear to conceal what they really think of you. What they really intend to do to you.

Put these together, the external and the internal, and you create a ghost. An apparition. The oldest fear of mankind. The horror of where it came from, what it intends to do to you, but most of all; that you know it was once just like you, and that you can become just like it. It represents eternity and restlessness. It is hollow and alone. Forever.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a ghost?

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