A horror board game about tragedy, trust and the unknown.


A Game About Trust

The Presence is a strategic horror game that puts you in a victorian era ghost story. It is an asymmetric game for 3-5 players and focuses on the tragic past of an old seaside manor and its unsuspecting victims.

One player will play as the Presence, a spirit
with hidden intentions. Trust is at the core of the gaming experience
with players not knowing if the Presence is playing a cooperative
game or an adversarial one.

A Thematic Horror Experience

To have a chance at survival the victim-players need to cooperate to understand the horrible events in the past that created the vengeful spirit that haunts them. They will be isolated, haunted and assaulted by the unpredictable spirit.

If they manage to understand the past before succumbing they may be able to free both themselves and the Presence from the bonds of the old manor, but odds are stacked against them and time is precious.

Coming to

Q4 2023

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